Thursday, January 26, 2012

60 Second Shot

I found it interesting as to how many different ideas the others had on the project 60-second shots in class. I really enjoyed the close up shots like the gaming shot and the candle shot. I preferred watching the fixed shots to any of the moving ones; I found that it intensified the video for me personally. However, the shot with the (mostly) sound creating objects was very aesthetically interesting. I found that the video kept my attention (I usually start on tangents in my mind when watching video), I was curious to see more of this video. I think a series would be interesting in this sort of style and idea.

The aspect of sound, I feel, is a very important aspect and I would like to apply it to my own videos more so than I do. I think sound is a beautiful and interesting way to enhance an idea in video. I also appreciate the different ways of holding a camera, specifically when laying the camera on its side; it plays with the perceptions of a persons mind. There were a few videos in class that did this like the gaming, candle, and my video (cookie maker). The lighting was very interesting in the pipe video. The way the light shined on the metallic of the pipe and the way the color shifted in the video because of the firelight.

Overall, I enjoyed all of the videos in some way or another and I learned a few tricks as well as gained a couple new ideas. Also, hearing the stories behind the videos, how they were thought of and how they applied to the persons life gave me some insight of how to use others aspects of my life in my work.

This is the full video Cookie Maker that I pulled my 60 second shot from, this video is 3:38 minutes.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Why and What I love about Video Art

While growing up as a child and up until the end of high school when I heard the word "Art", I thought of traditional art: drawings, paintings, and sculptures. It wasn't until half way through my first semester of college that I had ever even heard the phrase "new media" or "video art." I knew I wanted to be an art major and so I began to explore my options. I narrowed my choices to photography and new media due to my lack of skills in the traditional areas. I wasn't sure how I would fair with photography and so I choose new media. Even after I had joined the program, I still wasn't completely sure what the subject entailed and so I took my first new media class. The topic opened up a whole new area for me to explore. I had never thought that someone had actually made websites and videos, it was just something I took for granted and never put any thought into. But here I was, beginning to learn.

I found that with Video Art I have more difficulties with than creating websites and so I discovered my challenge. Video Art is an intriguing art form. I enjoy brainstorming about my projects; I find that I think about my ideas constantly for days before I begin. I pick up most of my new inspirations through the activities and people I see just within the time before the project. It's quite an adventure in itself. However, my favorite part about Video Art is collecting the video. Just the fact that I might have to travel to a particular location for a shot I want or that I have to set up a "set" for my ideas is so exciting. It's always an adventure, even if the video doesn't turn out quite the way I hoped. I can always turn what I have into something just as great as my original idea but different. Editing of course helps to do this, but I find it frustrating most of the time due to my handicaps with software and the fact that I really don't like using Mac computers. However, once the editing is done, I love to watch the final project. It never fails to feel good to have completed a project and especially to see my name associated with it too!

Video Art is going to be challenging, but I'm always learning and open to new ideas and techniques. I hope that this Video Art class will continue to push my limits so that I can create the best works I can and prepare me for my Senior Thesis and future projects.