Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Who Am I?

This post was a brainstorm for my video: Meghan Meg Me

I was born July 16th, 1991. That currently makes me 20.
I am part Italian, German, French, Irish, Scottish, English and probably a few other things.
I am Christian. I am faithful.
I am a faith based existentialist.
I am a pacifist.
I am an artist.
I am intelligent, pretty, kind, and generous.
I am eco friendly and into yoga and Zumba.
I am an only child. I have a mom and a grandmother who love and support me.
I am loved and in love. I am engaged. I am a squirrel and he is a koala.
I have brown hair and blue eyes.
I love chocolate.
I enjoy art and music. Everything is art.
Tigers are beautiful. Reading is beautiful.
Libraries and museums art my favorite atmospheres.
The supernatural is fascinating and dangerous.
I am all of these things and I embody them all.

I am Me.
I am Meg.
I am Meghan.


  1. Faith based existentialism is interesting to think about. I'd like to hear more about it. Very unique.

  2. All the stuff you mentioned seemed very interesting to me. The fact that you are Italian, German, etc is cool and i hope you are learning a little something about each one. I feel like I was able to learn a lot about you in this short blog. And I hope you are able to put all of this together in your video. And I really like the end "I am Me, I am Meg, I am Meghan" definitely should find a way to add that into your video.

  3. I also really love the atmospheres of libraries and museums. There is just something about the history and importance of them that I love. I also think its really great that you accept and know who you are and are honest about it.

  4. The way in which you structured your post made me assume that importance was symbolized by solitude. Things like "I love chocolate" and "I am an artist" stand out as not sharing their sentence with another descriptive. I feel like you wanted to show certain things as being more important to your personality, but when you added more information it actually made me less interested in that topic.