Monday, March 4, 2013


(pôr'trĭ-chʊr', pōr'-)
  1. The art or practice of making portraits.
  2. A portrait.
  3. Portraits considered as a group.

n., pl., au·ras, or au·rae (ôr'ē).
  1. An invisible breath, emanation, or radiation.
  2. A distinctive but intangible quality that seems to surround a person or thing; atmosphere: An aura of defeat pervaded the candidate's headquarters.
  3. Pathology. A sensation, as of a cold breeze or a bright light, that precedes the onset of certain disorders, such as an epileptic seizure or an attack of migraine.


Meghan O'Bryan
Loop, 1:00.00

A self portrait. In this video I was trying to create a way to show both my outward appearance and my inward personality. I am an introvert for the most part, I usually only open up to show my inward self around close friends and when I am alone. The actions that I am doing demonstrate my outward appearance; usually bored with what I am doing and where I am, and fidgety actions which is me looking to be elsewhere, particularly where my mind is. I pushed the chroma key to create holes in the video; this represents that the video is a reflection of myself and for the viewer to see into me in a sense. The background image in the video is a compilation of things that I am interested in and a bright and colorful mess within my mind. The music also enhances this in the sense that I am excited about many things, eager to go and explore and to move. The shattering glass is a representation of distractions and mistakes that I make in the outward self and the possibility of making them work and fit into my inward self's music.  The music and sounds are accompanied by my own voice saying a few things about me. The voice is very quite and almost impossible at times to understand, this is how I feel that I am heard in society, my voice is to small to be heard and it is drowned out. This is an overview look at myself.


  1. She gave off an introverted aura. She seemed bored and hesitant like she wanted something to read or watch but didn't remember to bring it.

  2. The Aura and the Face of this piece give off the sense of waiting, yearning, impatient, and thinking. I drew this from the sitting in one place the entire time of the video as well as you constantly looking both ways as if you are waiting for someone.

  3. I feel that she is very sad, depressed, and perhaps apathetic. I feel like this clashes and contrasts with the very bright imagery and uplifting music. I feel like the piece may work better or be more successful if the background music were to be changed. However keep the sounds of breaking glass as I feel like they were extremely powerful especially the one that lines up with the lighting of her face.

  4. I feel that you seem laid back and easy going but also the feeling that your just bored with whats happening around you.

  5. The sitter seems to be waiting, and somewhat impatient. Though there is not much motion to suggest harsh uneasiness, the constant looking away from the camera suggests an introverted nature. The sitter seems involved in her own thoughts.