Friday, April 5, 2013

A See of Color

For this final project I will be creating a multi-channel installation, titled A See of Color. It will include two projectors overlapping each half of the others screens. The first of the projector images will be displayed on the corner of two walls, similar to Pipilotti Rist's Ever is All Over. The projected images will extend from floor to ceiling as to immerse the viewer into the created environment. Technically, I have not had much experience with projectors, and the experience I did have did not produce positive results. Therefore, with this project I will be exploring the use of projectors and how they can be used in a unique way to give a different feeling to the visual experience of the viewer.

The viewer will see an imagined environment created by the combination of the two projector's videos. One of the videos will be a mesh of moving and exploding color, while the second video will be created from still images that have been taken from a website that I designed about color (  The second video will be the physical content and the first video with the color will represent the deeper aspect of the first. Overall, the combination of the videos will create an imagined environment that will transport the viewer into a new space.

See of Color Compilation (2013)
Loop, 13:39.20
Multi-Channel Video Compilation

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