Saturday, April 13, 2013

Projector Tec Demo

For this Demonstration I will be using the following two projectors:

1. Optoma Pico Projector

"Easily portable. Good range of connections. Minimal rainbow effect. Long-lasting LED light source. Can run computer-free presentations from internal or external memory."
Optoma PK320 Pico Pocket Projector

2. BenQ PB8250 Projector

"The BenQ PB8250 projector is out-of-production." However, it is a typical projector and most projectors will work the exact same way, same cords and similar menu options.


VGA Projector cord will hook up to a computer or laptop, and a RGB Component cord will work with a DVD player or PS3 console.

VGA Projector (left) or RGB Component (Left)

VGA does not have audio capabilities. For that you would need a DVI cord connected to an HDMI.
DVI (top) connected to HDMI (bottom)

The Pico uses an Optoma Universal (24pin) (instead of a VGA on both ends) to VGA 0.5 m f/ PK201/PK301; it is a rather long name for a short (19.7"/50 m) cable.

VGA Projector (Left) to Optoma Universal (24pin) (right)

"Optoma makes these great little projectors, among them the PK201 and the PK301. Optoma calls them Pico Projectors. They're so small there isn't enough space to fit all of the different input and output connectors you might need. So Optoma engineers created what they dubbed a Universal 24 pin I/O connector. Now they can go crazy creating all sorts of cables to meet your needs. One end plugs into the Universal connector and the other end can have whatever plug or plugs you need.

In this case the "other end" contains a standard VGA connector. So this short cable with the long name allows you to pump VGA computer video into your PK201 or PK301 Pico Projector."


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