Monday, April 1, 2013

Flickering Moments

Flickering Moments (2013)
Meghan O’Bryan
60 second shot video

flick·er  (flkr)
v. flick·ered, flick·er·ing, flick·ers

1. To move waveringly; flutter: shadows flickering on the wall.
2. To burn unsteadily or fitfully.

To cause to move waveringly.
1. A brief movement; a tremor.
2. An inconstant or wavering light.
3. A brief or slight sensation: a flicker of doubt.
4. Slang A movie.

[Middle English flikeren, to flutter, from Old English flicerian.]


In this video I wanted to explore the relationship between water, fire, and reflecting light. There are multiple candles which are spaced between varying sizes of glass bowls and glasses which are full of water. An overhead fan is on full speed which is affecting the flames and causing greater movement in flickering light and its reflection off of the glass and water.  The fast movement of the flames, the slight movement of the hand held camera, and the angle of the footage being turned on its side causes tension and some irritation to the viewer. The sound in the video is of the fan, which is a sort of dull white noise. This video would also do well as a loop without the title and end credits.

There were no edits done to this video, which I found difficult because of how different it is from what I usually do with video. I normally tend to do a great deal of editing to create what I am looking for in my final piece. After watching this video a few days later, and being able to sit back an get a fresh look at the video, I would have like to work with the sound more. Perhaps getting a strong sound of the flames flickering and little to none of the fan blowing sounds. Or on a different approach, a sound environment of a temple with meditative chanting from monks would give the piece more depth and create an environment.

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